Accelerate your career with an authentic
personal brand

Build an audience, sell more, and unlock-career changing opportunities with a personal brand on LinkedIn.

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Content Strategy For LinkedIn

Content Strategy for LinkedIn is a 1-hour video course

for building a credible digital brand

How to stand out

and attract the right people

Learn the simple formula for telling personal stories that make you instantly relatable (without oversharing)

Avoid the #1 personal branding mistake when getting started on LinkedIn

Uncover how to build credibility lightning-fast by being authentic.

Build a credible LinkedIn presence

Get explicit step-by-step instructions for creating an authentic LinkedIn profile that drives action

Uncover the six elements of an effective profile that almost no one uses correctly

See multiple examples to inspire and level-up your most valuable digital asset

Create incredibly effective content

Get 10 LinkedIn templates for creating highly engaging content, fast

Learn high impact content tactics that separate you from “attention competitors”

See how to easily create un-ignorable content in minutes, not hours

Start creating engaging LinkedIn content

Get instant access for $97

I 10x’d my audience with this strategy.

You can too.

Even though your feed is full of content, almost nobody knows how to use LinkedIn content strategically.

That’s why most people struggle to get meaningful traction on LinkedIn.

Specifically because:

1. Coming up with content is hard – I don’t know what to say…

2. Being authentic is challenging – I don’t want to accidentally come across as phony…

3. LinkedIn’s algorithm is a mystery – How does it even work?!…

That’s why I created this course: so you can create an authentic LinkedIn presence and content strategy that’ll help you build an audience, increase your sales, and land your next role.

Use these strategies, tactics, and examples and you’ll unlock career-changing opportunities.

Devin Reed

Content Strategist & Marketing Advisor


What if it’s not right for me?

No sweat. If you’re not happy with the course for any reason, I’ll refund you 100%. No questions asked. 

What results should I expect?

If you follow the advice in the course you’ll dramatically increase your content reach and engagement rates on LinkedIn, helping you build a loyal audience, increase sales, and attract recruiters. Hope you’re ready to reply to a lot of fan mail. 

Can I get my work to pay for it?

Hell yea! (I mean, crazier things have happened). If your company offers a learning and development stipend, you can get reimbursed. Otherwise, you can ask your manager with this email: 

Hey Boss – I found a course that will help me improve my professional image and level-up my digital skills. It’s only $97. Would it be unreasonable to expense this as a learning and development investment through {Company name}? Much appreciated,